Estimate & Invoice your Cosntruction Projects

Estimator AR is a Construction Estimating Mobile App designed to help you estimate and invoice your construction projects fast, easy and professionally using a labor rate database, materials and equipment price from retailers's website. All on your phone.

1. Add a project

Add a new project or duplicate an existing one

2. Add cost items

Add materials and equipment from the retailer's web site

3. Send the estimate

Send the estimate to your customer using Whatsapp or Email

4. Send the invoice

Finish your project in time, and within budget, and send the invoice to your customer

Enter in a new age of estimating

It's time to stop spreadsheeting and use the power of your mobile phone to easily estimate your projects while you are on the road, using materials and equipment from the retailer's web site.

Stop spreadsheeting!
Focus on your projects!

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